I shut my eyes in order to see. '

Vincent van Gogh

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Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh is now one of the most well-known post-Impressionist painters, although he was not widely appreciated in his lifetime. During his lifetime he sold merely one painting.

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Two Dancers on the Stage byEdgar Degas

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Two Dancers on the Stage

Edgar Degas is regarded as one of the founders of impressionism, although he renounced this embodiment and preferred to be called a realist.

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Winter landscapes give inspiration for truly scenic paintings, such as the “Floating Ice", painted by Claude Monet in 1880.

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Sun, 10 Jan 2010

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Elephant Peace

18" x 24"


Driving Home Alone by David Choe

24" x 24"



30" X 21"


Never give up

22" X 30"


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